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Current and New Patients

Basic Dental Package

New Patient Exam

This package includes a complete set of low-radiation digital x-rays (excluding CBCT) and comprehensive exam by Dr. Kim. (Retail cost: $230)

Essential Dental Package

New Patient Exam & Cleaning

This package includes a complete set of low-radiation digital x-rays (excluding CBCT), comprehensive exam by Dr. Kim, and teeth cleaning (in the absence of gum disease) by a registered dental hygienist. (Retail cost: $320)

Implant Exam Package

Comprehensive Implant Evaluation

This package includes 3D CBCT imaging and exam by Dr. Kim. The CBCT imaging provides a complete 3-dimensional visualization of teeth, bone and other important structures in the jawbones. This package is for both existing and new patients. (Retail cost: $440)

* If a copy of CBCT imaging is requested, full retail value of $350 will be charged.

Invisalign Consultation

Invisalign/Braces Consultation

This package includes a 3D teeth scanning using the latest video imaging  technology and orthodontic evaluation by Dr. Kim. (Retail cost: $250)

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

In-office Zoom! Teeth Whitening

This offer includes in-office Zoom! whitening procedure. In about an hour, you will have whiter and brighter teeth. Whether you want to look good for a special occasion or just want to pamper yourself, this offer will help you look and feel better. (Retail cost: $450)

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