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Are You Scared of Dentists?

Do you dread visiting the dentist? Do you have extreme anxiety about your routine dental cleaning?

If so, then dental sedation may be an ideal option for you. Dental sedation is anxiety-free dentistry that will keep you calm and relaxed during your dental procedure. It can be used for people with dental anxiety, as well as for those who may need to undergo slightly more invasive procedures. Depending on your individual situation, there are varying levels of dental sedation ranging from light to deep. Dream Dental offers the following dental sedation options:


A prescription anti-anxiety pill is taken the night before and just prior to your dental appointment. Depending on the dosage, oral sedation yields light to medium sedative effects and will make you feel relaxed and calm. However, you will still be conscious or easy to awaken from a light sleep, thus very safe.

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Sedation is offered directly through an IV inserted in your vein. This is the most effective of sedation because it is immediately absorbed into your body and it can be safely regulated and monitored. With IV sedation, you may be conscious but drowsy, and the best part is that you will have little or no memory of the procedure done when you wake up.

Did you know...


About 10% of the American population has dental phobia severe enough to prevent them from regular dental care and 75% of the population has some form of dental anxiety. Dental sedation is a way to reduce your dental fears and anxieties to ensure that you get the dental care you need in a comfortable way.

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